Hello everyone, this is just to let you know that we have some cool new stuff in the Spectrelight Recordings distro!

  • Hlaut | Gå i Hel - Brutal and Atmospheric Swedish Black/Death. 
  • Northern Aggression | Abducted by Jesus - Raw and noisy-as-fuck Black Metal from Maritime Canada!
  • Solothus | Ritual of the Horned Skull - Old-school Death/Doom from Finland. Really great stuff!
  • The Transmutations | The Hundred Years - Amazing British Neofolk. Think of a darker "Oui Avant-Garde á Chance"-era Skyclad!

As I promised, we also have some vinyl in the store! Here are the 7” records we currently have for sale!

  • Sad | …And His Kingdom Shall Eternally Reign - Two tracks of intense Black Metal from Greece!
  • Hacavitz | Ojpanna - An INSANE piece of Mexican Black/Death! A must buy!

If you’re tantalized by any of these, you can pick up your copies from the Spectrelight Recordings BIGCARTEL Page. Samples are available there as well. To see the rest of our stock, either visit the Bigcartel, or click on the DISTRO STOCK button on the right sidebar of this page.

Kyle/Spectrelight Recordings

The Moloch tape is still on schedule for an April release so I’m opening up pre-orders now! Every copy gets the tape (Pro-pressed on a grey shell,) digital version of the album, a Moloch sticker and pin, plus if you pre-order, you get a 4 x 6 Photograph of the Album artwork!

Since it’s after Midnight where I am, it’s time to announce SLRT003 and SLRT004:
Arriving on Cassette (tentatively) in June 2013:

Pogavranjen | Povijest Trovanja - Intense Black Metal from the Wastelands of Croatia.

Twilight Fauna/Filsufatia | Fallen Leaves in a Tide of Sorrow  - Depressive Black Metal Split between Tennessee’s Twilight Fauna and Malaysia’s Filsufatia.

Samples tracks for both albums are available on our BANDCAMP page!

Feel free to share these flyers any way you see fit!

Kyle/Spectrelight Recordings


Things have been a little quiet on the Spectrelight Recordings front lately, but that’s a sign of progress. Here’s a list of what’s been going on with Spectrelight:

- Been doing a fuckton of trades. You’ll now be able to find copies of Balam’s self-titled demo in such wonderful places as the USA, Mexico and France!

- We have vinyl to sell! Wee! They’ll be available in the store fairly soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

- SLRT003 and SLRT004 are almost ready to go, the official announcement will be coming on Monday!

Kyle/Spectrelight Recordings

More stuff in the Distro!

I received another package of goodies! That mean there’s more trades available in the Spectrelight Recordings Webstore!

In addition to the tapes from The Northern Cold Productions,  we now have copies of Dagger of Sacrifice’s “Demo 2003.” An intense piece of Norwegian Funeral Doom in the most archaic of formats, courtesy of Tennessee’s Graceless Recordings! I highly recommend it!


Click here for samples.

Go grab yourself a copy now! Expect a handful of more tapes in a couple weeks, as well as something special. (Hint: It’s round and plays music.)


Kyle/Spectrelight Recordings


Night Story by Yaroslav Gerzhedovich


Night Story by Yaroslav Gerzhedovich

A box of Balam tapes going out for trade to Mexico! Keep your eyes on the Distro! We’ll have some cool shit in a couple weeks!Kyle/Spectrelight Recordings

A box of Balam tapes going out for trade to Mexico! Keep your eyes on the Distro! We’ll have some cool shit in a couple weeks!

Kyle/Spectrelight Recordings


The Free-shipping Sale for the Balam tape has officially ended. Thanks everyone who picked up a copy of the tape. The rest will be sent out tomorrow!

Kyle/Spectrelight Recordings

Belzebong - Sonic Scapes & Weedy Grooves

Belzebong - Sonic Scapes & Weedy Grooves